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Flax Tots and Teens Irvington, NJ furniture outlet

Discount New Jersey Furniture — By on December 19, 2008 9:46 am

I went to a furniture outlet this week, here in NJ. In Essex Co. NJ. I received a furniture voucher from the state.

I went to the furniture outlet because their company name was on the list of acceptable furniture places that accepted the state check for the furniture voucher.

The amount of money I had to spend was $745 even. I could not spend more than that.

The name of the furniture outlet is called Flax tots and teens and adults. I know long name. It is in Irvington, NJ.

I bought a queen size bed, something I really needed, because I do not have a bed, I also bought some beautiful and unique designed lamps.

They are so cool. I got two each. Also, I bought a bar that had some funky looking chairs to them with a cool and odd glass top.

I love unique furniture. Even though this place was a furniture outlet, they had some cool things.

Well I did not shop around in other stores. I only shopped in the outlet. No I did not look for any special brands.

Just saw what I liked and then I ask to buy it. When I see something I like I get it,if I have to money to do so.

The place was way to crowed with other things besides furniture, like kids clothes, and all sorts of stuff.


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