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Furniture outlet The Dump, Dallas, Texas

Discount Texas Furniture — By on January 7, 2009 8:37 am

A furniture outlet store was on my agenda when going shopping for a new bed with a friend. We wound up going to “The Dump” located in Dallas, Texas, United States.

We didn’t wind up finding anything that she loved so no purchase was made on that day. The prices were fairly reasonable on most things though, just nothing fit into her needs and tastes.

No specific brands were really searched for during this outing. We just needed a general bed and price meant more than a name brand even though there were plenty of them to be had in this furniture outlet.

We were met with very friendly service when we were in the outlet which was nice. The salespeople were helpful without being pushy. We wound up wandering throughout the entire store after we finished looking at the beds.

It was set up very well and had different areas of furniture clearly defined so it was easy to find anything we were looking for during the trip quickly and easily. We almost made a rug purchase because of price, but decided we needed to buy what we originally came for – the bed – before any other type of purchase.

I would definitely go back to “The Dump” again in the future for most of my furniture purchases.

A select few items seemed to be overly priced but they were still competitive to what you would find elsewhere just because of the name brand on the product.


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