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Rooms to Go Furniture Outlet in Orlando, FL

Discount Florida Furniture — By on February 20, 2009 4:52 am

When I moved into my first apartment by myself I had no furniture, in fact I didn’t have a bed, or any kitchen supplies.

When you are fresh out of college and swimming in debt full price retailers won’t cut it. I looked for reasonable priced furniture in every obvious store.

I did not want a pre-owned piece of furniture that I could find on websites, I wanted something I could call mine.

I was driving down Orange Blossom Trail in Orlando, FL the day I moved into my new apartment and saw a “Rooms to Go Outlet” nestled in a shopping center.

I had previously gone to the regular “Rooms to Go” to see the prices, and decided to buy from that store would exceed my budget.

The outlet was just like the regular store, clean and set up nicely. The staff members on the floor were friendly and not predatory like at some of the full price retail stores.

As I walked around I tried to figure out why items were in this “clearance” store. Some of the items had obvious reasons for being there, such as pen or marker marks, or slices from blades on seat cushions.

I appreciated the fact that the items on display were the same ones you would find in the non-outlet store. There was furniture available for every room in my house, although I could not buy it all with my budget.

After searching the store for almost an hour I found a couch, chair and matching ottoman. Each item has out of sight blemishes. The couch has a razor cut on one of the sides in a corner, the chair has a scratch on the leg which is unnoticeable, and I still can’t figure out why the ottoman was in the outlet.

In the regular store this set retailed for around $1150, but I got all of the pieces for $735 including taxes. I have recommended this store to a few of my friends who have bought homes. I have had my furniture for almost 2 years, and its use and beauty has exceeded its cost.


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